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Water James Coombes grave at Ilminster Cemetery

Water James Coombes
and his sons

The Coombes family

1924 wedding of Herbert Coombes and Gladys Watts

The Coombes family came from Ilminster in Somerset.
Walter James Coombes (1873-1955) married Mary Elizabeth Sibley (1874-1946).
They had nine children, two who died in infancy:
Thomas William (1895-1956)
Jesse Charles (1896-1980)
Herbert James (1897-1967)
Percival George (1899- 1969)
Edith Maud (1901-1901)
Ernest Edward (1902 - 1969)
Dorcas Ethel (1904- 1979)
Kathleen Mary (1907-1908)
Walter Benjamin (1910 - 1941)

Herbert James (one of the sons) married Gladys Bessie Watts. Their wedding photo is above and maybe you recognise somebody?

The building firm W. Coombes and Sons Ltd. was started by Walter J Coombes in 1871. Not to be confused with Walter James (mentioned above) who was a son! The firm is still running in Ilminster.

Thomas William (the eldest son) during his lifetime lived at Whitestanton Manor near Chard and Farringdon House near Exeter. He was a chauffeur for the Putnam family at Farringdon House and maybe also the same job at Whitestanton Manor.

Do you have any information about Whitestanton Manor in the mid to late 1920's,
or Farringdon House from 1929 to 1935?

Thomas Coombes
at Farringdon House

Whitestaunton Manor