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Isle Abbotts Church

Isle Abbotts Chapel

50th Anniversary photo from 1958
Fred Player and Rose Mear


The Mear family came from Isle Abbots, Somerset. Richard Mear (1834-1909) married Justina Hardwell (1834-1898).

One of the sons, Arthur Mear (1858-1901) married Elizabeth Harvard (1855-1926) and they had ten children:
 Charles Henry (1880-1896)
William (1882 - 1961)
Simeon John (1883-1936)
Frederick (1884-1971)
Rosa Ann (1887 - 1974)
Albert Edward (1889-1984)
Minnie (1890-1965 )
Susan Fanny (1893-1990)
John (1894-1972)
Mary Ann (known as Polly) (1898-1989)

Fred(erick) Mear emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1907, passing through New York to Scaneatelese, Sennett, Auburn and Syracuse. Fred followed his uncle George who had previously emigrated to America with his wife and children.

I would like to find out more about Fred's life in America.
He lived as a lodger (or boarder) with Henry Counsell and later George Fry.
About 1918, Fred married Alice M Counsell, a sister to the Henry he lodged with previously.
Henry and Alice were also born in Somerset, England.
Fred started his new American life as a farmer but later turned to the Railroad.

I understand he had no children, but maybe you are related to one of the family's he stayed with?
Do you have any information regarding Fred living in America?

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