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East Chisenbury,
 near Enford


Enford Church

Swan Inn, Enford


Strong's Farm,

My Strong family can be traced back to Wilsford in Wiltshire until the late 18th century. From here they moved to Charlton, then to East Chisenbury. Between 1901 and 1911 the family moved to Rushall, Wiltshire living in a cottage which was next door to the old blacksmith's. Originally this was two cottages but now converted into one dwelling.

My great grandparents - Edward George Strong (1861-1931) married Emily Smith (1863-1945). I understand they have been buried in the Churchyard at Rushall, but have been unable to locate any graves.

One of the sons (my grandfather George Strong) moved to Elm Row Cottages, Rushall when he married (see picture above)

Maybe you are related to the Strong family who lived here until the early 1960's. When grandfather retired, they moved to Laundry Cottage (it was three cottages then) in Church Lane, close to the church.

Edward had a younger brother Sydney Robert who was born in Enford in 1865. After his brother married and his mother died, it appears Sydney may have moved to London working as a window cleaner for the Westminster Palace Hotel, Hanover Square, London. I am unable to trace him in the 1911 census, nor any death record.

Does anyone know what happened to him?
Did he emigrate? Please contact me with any information.

The 1911 census shows a grandson of Edward, a boy called Percy (Percival Arthur) born 1903 at Upavon.
Percy was the son of Annie Louise Strong and I am unable to find what happened to her.
Percy married Dorothy Drewitt, moved to the Swindon area and died in 1978.

Are you related to him of know of him? Please click the "Contact Me" envelope.

The house pictured above ‘Strong’s Farm’, previously named "The Old Barn" was originally barns at Strong's Farm, East Chisenbury. Following correspondence with the owner in 2010, he agreed to change the name of his house to reflect the history. I wish to give my thanks for that gesture on behalf of the Strong family who previously lived there.

Did you know of the property before it was converted, or remember the old farm barns?
Apparently the MoD took over the property once.

Elm Row Cottages, Rushall

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