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Preview of Dr. Who Power of the Daleks

The venue: BFI cinema, Southbank, London at 1 pm on 5th November 2016.

Ben (Michael Craze) and Polly (Anneke Wills), were companions with William Hartnell for three stories until Hartnell 'regenerated' into Troughton on 5 November 1966.    The Power of the Daleks, a story originally shown on BBC television on 5th November 1966 at 6:15 pm., hence the preview of this animated version being shown on the exact date (and a Saturday) for its 50th anniversary.

Ben and Polly are left bewildered whether the 'new' Doctor is

the same person.  The couple remained with Troughton as the Doctor for another six stories until 6 May 1967 when they departed into London in the year 1966.  They both appeared in 40 episodes.  Jamie (Frazer Hines) first appeared in Doctor Who on the 10 September 1966 in a story called The Highlanders and continued for a total of 120 episodes until 21 June 1969, also the last day for Patrick Troughton.  Michael Craze sadly passed away in 1998.

I was very fortunate indeed to be able to attend the preview showing for the first three animated episodes of Doctor Who The Power of the Daleks at the BFI Southbank in London, and look forward to watching the DVD when it is released.

Thanks must be given to all of those involved in the animation and audio work, especially to Mark Ayres for re-mastering my audio recordings!  Details about how the recordings were made can be seen on the Dr. Who tab (or click here)

Yours truly with:
Mark Ayres, Anneke Wills

and Frazer Hines