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It was a privilege to be invited to the Dr. Who event at Watersmeet, Rickmansworth arranged by Fantom Films held on on 27th May 2017.

Among those present were William Russell (Ian Chesterton the school teacher who starred from the first episode in 1963), Anneke Wills, Peter Purves and many others.

Apart from meeting many DW fans and signing autographs for them, I was on stage interviewed by my good friend since the early 1990’s Stephen Cranford. Stephen was the guy who persuaded me to allow the BBC to borrow my tapes and create the wonderful restored copies now available on CD and DVD. Mark Ayres was also being asked about the sterling work he did with restoring my old audio recordings. The interview lasted about 45 minutes and you can see an edited version cut back to 20 mins. (Above right).

I was particularly honoured to sit next to William Russell for a photo. As a young viewer in the 1960’s I only wish all my school teachers were like him!


Many thanks to all who organised and attended, especially those who worked behind the scenes to enable missing Doctor Who episodes to be revived and live on into eternity.

Many thanks also to the organisers Fantom Films for permission for the video to be shown here.